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Artist Reception: Roni Langley

Charlotte born and raised, artist Roni Langley draws inspiration from the North Carolina coast for her beach art series True Blue Tide. Although she’s been painting since she was in middle school, it wasn’t until summer of 2018 that she turned her passion into product and started her own small business making mixed media Resin art. This particular medium is well known for being tricky to master and hard to predict, but yields stunning results when done well. One year later Roni has now graduated college and works as a technical Writer for a local IT company but in her spare time she keeps up her business at home. When asked why she didn’t make art her full time job Roni said, “I love being creative, but if this was my only job, it wouldn’t be passion anymore - it would be obligation. I’m finding the balance between doing what I love, and making sure I don’t stop loving it.” Beyond being an artist Roni is involved in her local church and helps her mom raise Boykin Spaniel puppies. Recently she’s started hosting ‘Paint and Sip’ parties as a new way to share her passion with other people. Speaking on her art Roni says, “the best part of being an artist is knowing that people look at my work and smile, or are reminded of joyful memories at the beach. Being creative makes me happy, so it’s a nice bonus that my art can make other people happy as well.”

Artist statement:
Some of my favorite memories growing up are from my family beach vacations. Nothing made me happier than swimming in those rolling blue waves. When I started doing Resin art, I experimented with a lot of different colors and styles but was always drawn back to blues and greens. Painting the ocean and waves gives me a small piece of the same joy I get being there in the water.

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