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Artist Reception: Cari Anne Schlie

Join us for an opportunity to see original artwork by Charlotte Artist, Cari Anne Schlie as her show comes to a close.

This installation encourages the viewer to conceptualize how their personal footprint is connected to not only local communities, but global ecosystems as well. We live in a point in history where it is more important than ever to, yes, be mindful of our consumption and do obvious things like recycle, but also to vote in such a way as to protect our environment and to invite larger systemic change by holding large scale polluters accountable. If you are passionate about art or music, then you have the potential to be an artist or musician. If you appreciate nature, then you have the potential to be a conservationist.

About the Artist:

Whether it’s a day hike, overnight camping trips, fly fishing in a stream, or just a daily stroll on the greenway, Cari is outdoors as much as possible. She is currently training for this summer’s honeymoon hike, a 580+ mile trek through Washington along the PCT. She originally fell in love with hiking while attending Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, where she studied music and psychology.
After spending seven years in healthcare, Cari has recently transitioned into the field of behavioral health therapy, where she works with small children on the autism spectrum. All along, she has also fostered her passion for making both music and art. In addition to periodically playing her harp at weddings, she is the president of the Charlotte chapter of the American Harp Society and organizes events to showcase the abilities of both student and professional musicians. In terms of visual art, she enjoys working with acrylic and palette knives because the action of moving the paint with the knife feels visually equivalent to improvisation in music.

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